Press Release

Gingko College of Hospitality Management Held the Opening Ceremony of the South Gate of Chengdu Campus


“Thisyear, our college is 20 years old. For the past 20 years, the teachers andstudents of Gingko College have been working hard to fulfill this simple oathwith actions.Generationsof Ginkgo people have always cherished a common value —— aiming to let ourstudents be well treated by the industry, and working at full stretch toachieve the goal!”Onthe morning of October 12th, with all the attention and expectations, the newgate (South Gate) of Gingko College of Hospitality Management was officiallycompleted and put into use.


Thenew gate of Chengdu Campus debuted

At8:15 a.m., the leaders from the college party and administrative section, headsof teaching units, heads of functional departments and student representativesgathered at the new school gate to witness the “debut” of the new school gatein the expectation of countdown.

“Three!Two! One!” With the teachers and students counting down loudly, the new schoolgate gradually revealed its true colors in the unveiling. The shape of the newschool gate is modern and simple, with a strong sense of future. It is like anark, like the sail of a warship, and more like a book embracing all riversrunning into sea. It shows that all Ginkgo people take the sail of knowledge totravel the sea of learning, read the mountains of books, and navigate betweenscience and culture. The unique ginkgo-leaf-shaped light window on the schoolgate not only integrates with the name of Gingko College, but also embodies thecommon value orientation of all Ginkgo people.

Afterthe unveiling for photos, the representative teams of 8 colleges anddepartments gathered, and more than 40 student representatives were in highspirits, waving the flags with the colors of the colleges and departments inthe wind. The teachers and students walked from the new gate to the GingkoAvenue with their heads held high. Everyone goes beyond the new school gate,steps on the Gingko Avenue, and starts a new journey.

“Theschool gate is a special symbol of the college, which interprets the historicaland cultural characteristics of the college, highlights the individuality ofthe college, and carries the eternal memories in the hearts of students. Thenew school gate combines the college’s development history and excellent campusculture, which is a review of the college’s glorious history in the past 20years, a vision of opening a new journey, and a powerful embodiment ofinheriting the past and opening up the future.” As Wang Zhengshu, the secretaryof the Party Committee of Gingko College and the supervision commissioner ofSichuan Provincial People’s Government, mentioned in his speech, the opening ofthe new school gate marks the remarkable achievements accomplished by Gingkopeople through unremitting efforts, and also shows a better future for Gingkopeople.

Focusingon the background

Takingpainstaking efforts to stick to the original aspiration

Lookingback on the tenth anniversary of the founding of our college, Director FangGongyu once wrote in his message to all the teachers and students of thecollege, “We have gone through the first ten years and another ten years, so wecan go forward to a hundred years…” Now, Gingko College has gone through 20years of ups and downs, and has been expanded from Chengdu Campus toChengdu-Yibin Double Campus, with buildings rising from the ground and standingin the campus. The “Ginkgo · Standard” Teaching Hotel and various trainingrooms that have been put into use in Yibin Campus provide rich soil for Ginkgostudents to cultivate and practice their knowledge; with beautiful environmentand complete functions, the library has become the “Dream Library” wherestudents compete to visit and post on their social media. Another cafeteria tobe built in Chengdu Campus will “escort” the entrepreneurship of Gingkostudents. The training building in Chengdu Campus, which will soon be put intouse, integrates smart classrooms, video recording and broadcasting rooms,multi-function lecture halls, and so on, keeping abreast of aesthetics,comfort, advancement and intelligence.

Althoughwe have experienced severe cold, high temperature, COVID-19 pandemic and otherforce majeure factors, the construction of our new building complex has gonethrough more than a hundred days and nights of hard work,andtwisted up and down into a rope, Gingko people go hand in hand. Buildings havefinally gathered into the love and protection of Gingko people, and condensedinto the wisdom and sweat of planners and builders. Being Loyal to the heart,building up originality, sticking to the original aspiration, Gingko Collegetakes the vision and mission of “Going through one decade after another,striving for a hundred years”, adhere to the Gingko spirit of “Helping StudentsSucceed, Serving the Society”, and keep on walking on the road of optimizingthe conditions for education and improving the quality of education.

Thisyear marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of our college. Today is alsothe day when the freshmen enrolled in the year of 2022 of Gingko College cometo the campus to register. The completion of the new school gate and the use ofthe buildings are not only an “opening gift” for Gingko students, but also asymbol of Gingko culture, which carries and interprets the cultural connotationof our college and opens a new page for the high-quality development of ourcollege in the next stage.