Press Release

Gingko College of Hospitality Management Won “2022 Comprehensive Competitiveness Private Colleges & Universities” Awards


On December 27, the 2022 "Sound China" Education AnnualSummit hosted by China Central Radio was held in Beijing.  

Gingko College of Hospitality Management was awarded the honorarytitle of "Comprehensive Competitiveness Private Colleges &Universities" in 2022 by CCTV for its fruitful achievements in schoolcharacteristics, talent training, education and teaching.

With the theme of "Building Virtue and Educating People,Keeping Righteousness and Innovation", the summit has discussed thedevelopment and reform of Chinese education from a new perspective, poolresources to promote in-depth cooperation in the education industry, and injectnew vitality into the development of education.

It is reported that Ginkgo College upholds the philosophy of"Empowering the Students & Serving the Society", and under theguidance of OBE talent training concept, constantly explores the path ofcultivating applied talents striving to build a first-class three-dimensionalpractical teaching system both on and off campus. It attaches importance toapplied research and scientific research, and has a team of teachers with goodethics and professional ability. Ginkgo College has a team of teachers withgood ethics and professional ability. Over the past 20 years, it has continuedto cultivate applied talents for the modern service industry represented byhotel and tourism, focusing deeply on the hotel and tourism industry chain, andcreating applied professional clusters for the traditional advantageousindustries of hotel and tourism in Sichuan Province. Meanwhile, it promotesprofessional integration and development under the circumstances of the fiveemerging pioneering service industries. In 20 years,, Ginkgo College has formeda schooling pattern of "Chengdu and Yibin, one school and twodistricts", taking advantage of the layout of the two campuses, activelyserving the regional economic construction and industry development of Chengduand Yibin, and fully stimulating the vitality of schooling.

As a national key news website hosted by China Central Radio andTelevision, CCTV is one of the most influential online media in China, alwaysconcerned about the development of education, shoulders the mission ofspreading educational thinking, through the Internet "to let the voice ofChina spread around the world".