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China Gingko Education Holding Company Limited (the “Company”) was incorporated in the Cayman Islands under the Cayman Islands Companies Law as an exempted company with limited liability on March 23, 2018.

Higher Education

Gingko College of Hospitality Management

Gingko College of Hospitality Management

Higher education

Gingko College of Hospitality Management is a private undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education. It has a main campus in Chengdu and a Yibin campus, covering an area of more than 1,000 acres, located in Chengdu's Pidu District and Yibin City's Nanxi District.

Keep up with industry needs and cultivate application-oriented talents

Taking the moral education to build people as the foundation, serving local economic construction and industry development as the goal, taking the integration of industry and education, and school-enterprise cooperation as the means, focusing on the development needs of the cultural and tourism industry in Sichuan Province, especially the hotel industry, the college has summarized a series of practices distinctive school-enterprise integration and collaborative education model.

The college strengthens school-enterprise cooperation, and cooperates with well-known companies to build practice bases to truly connect the training of students with industry needs. After many reforms and revisions to the design and arrangement of concentrated practical teaching links in various majors, the proportion of practical teaching links is gradually increased. In the professional training program, in addition to emphasizing the design of course experimental teaching content and the implementation of concentrated practical teaching links, a professional practice week is also specially set up to cultivate students' professional practical ability in the industry. There is a teaching hotel on the Yibin campus of the college, which adopts practical case teaching, on-site teaching, quasi-staff teaching and other training models. Student classroom teaching and practical teaching directly meet the actual production and operation needs of the standard industry; practical teaching has been produced more than 200 student papers and practical results in the past two years, which have been used in industry and enterprise production.

Complete discipline system, reasonable professional layout structure and distinctive features

Adhere to the path of connotative development, based on the service industry and local economic development, actively adapt to the needs of social and economic development, and to improve the discipline construction and professional development concepts for the traditional advantage of hotel tourism, and the five emerging leading service industries in Sichuan Province to stabilize the number of disciplines, guided by optimizing the professional structure of disciplines, after continuous construction in recent years, the college currently has 6 disciplines, 25 undergraduate majors, and 24 junior majors. It has formed a management discipline that integrates art, literature, education, engineering, and economics. A relatively complete application-oriented talent training system with five majors.

At the same time, the college closely follows the strategic development needs of the country and Sichuan's cultural and tourism industry, focuses on the cultural and tourism industry chain, and builds application-oriented professional clusters. Comprehensively promote the comprehensive reform of undergraduate education, and scientifically construct and deploy a professional structure system. Actively adapt to technological and industrial changes, and meet the needs of social and economic development. According to the needs of regional, national and international modern cultural tourism industry, especially the development of the hotel industry, scientific discipline and professional planning have been formed, and a reasonable structure, distinctive features and quality have been formed. Excellent discipline and professional system.

The college adheres to the characteristics of hotel and tourism management majors, and promotes brand professional construction and characteristic professional cultivation through three stages of cultivation, promotion and development. After years of hard work, among the 25 undergraduate majors currently offered by the college, there are 2 provincial-level first-class majors, 4 provincial-level quality engineering project construction majors, 4 provincial-level key characteristic majors to upgrade plan construction majors, and Sichuan Province local general undergraduate majors. 6 application-oriented demonstration major construction projects in universities.

Excellent teaching conditions provide students with a good learning platform

The college has a team of teachers with high quality and full of practical experience. In addition to the traditional classroom teaching and online teaching platform, each department has set up a working scene simulation training platform to simulate the working environment and conduct situational teaching. Yibin campus has a world-class teaching hotel, which can meet the requirements of students' skills and practical ability in talent training; relying on the rich local tourism resources, it has established a combination of tourism, information engineering, foreign languages, and management majors. The internship training center is equipped with an internship training room to better promote the cultivation of professional and applied talents through the internship training function.

In addition, the college is actively expanding the "flipped classroom" teaching model, setting up classes in many star hotels, and providing first-hand practical courses. We believe that carrying out practical course teaching in work scenarios can enable students to fully understand the details of practical operations and apply their theoretical knowledge in work, thereby training and improving their comprehensive capabilities.

Innovative talent training model to accelerate the process of internationalization

The college actively innovates the talent training model, puts forward a talent training concept suitable for the development of the college, and develops order classes to accelerate the internationalization of talent training.

Taking graduation requirements as the criterion, starting with the requirements of all aspects of talent training, the college puts forward the "OBE concept"; under its guidance, the human resource management professional school-enterprise cooperation embedded talent training model, and the accounting professional "Promoting, co-education, sharing, and co-evaluation" talent training programs, hotel management professional talent training model guided by industry needs, came into being.

In keeping with the development needs of the industry, the college has successively launched "Sheraton Class", "Kempinski Class", "Ginkgo Class", "Shangri-La Class" and other order classes; it combines "the most advanced theory, the most standardized professional courses, and the most advanced "Industry standards" are combined to explore three aspects: the setting of the curriculum system, the improvement of teaching content, and the methods of practical teaching, and bold innovations in student management, teaching management, elimination mechanism, etc., and careful management to promote the talent training model Innovation and reform work.

The college takes the "One Belt and One Road" initiative as the lead and the integrated development of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle as an opportunity to accelerate the internationalization process and gradually realize the international expansion of talent training. According to the international characteristics of the hotel management industry, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with overseas colleges and universities, implement the international training of professional talents; build foreign internships, study abroad, and employment platforms, have organized overseas exchange student projects, and various forms of overseas internships, with a view to Achieve a seamless connection between school learning and overseas internships and employment. At present, the total number of ente