About Us

About Us

China Gingko Education Holding Company Limited (the “Company”) was incorporated in the Cayman Islands under the Cayman Islands Companies Lawas an exempted company with limited liability on March 23, 2018.Since its incorporation, ourCompany has been an investment holding company. The Company, together with its subsidiaries and consolidated affiliated entities are a higher education service provider in Sichuan Province. We are a higher education service provider in Sichuan Province. The hospitality management program is our leading program.

Awards and Recognitions


We have received numerous awards and recognitions since our establishment in recognition of the quality of education services we provide and the outstanding achievements of our students. The following table sets forth some of the awards and recognitions that we have received:
  • Vintage The winning institutions Awards/recognition The agency
  • 2022 Gingko College “Hotel Management” from Gingko College of Hospitality Management was approved as a top national undergraduate major construction site Ministry of Education
  • 2021 Gingko College 2 special prizes, 1 first prize of Xuechuang Cup" National College Student Entrepreneurship Comprehensive Simulation Competition, Sichuan Province National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Colleges and Universities
  • 2020 Gingko “2020 Brand-influential Private Colleges & Universities” CCTV Education ceremony
  • 2019 Gingko College Asia-pacific (China) Best Industry Talents Training Contribution Award The Expert Evaluation Committee of the Alliance of Asia-pacific Independent Hotels

  • 2019 Gingko College Best Partner College of the Year BTG Homeinns Hotels (Group) Co., Ltd.
  • 2018 Gingko College Application-oriented talents training institution for China's tourism services 先之教育
  • 2018 Gingko College Model College of China Service Golden Keys China
  • 2018 Gingko College Best Partner College of Hilton Group Hilton Greater China and Mongolia University-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Conference
  • 2018 Gingko College First Prize in Young Hoteliers Summit Asia Organizing Committee of Young Hoteliers Summit Asia
  • 2017 Hospitality Management Program Six Star Program (六星专业) CUAA
  • 2016 Yinxing College Tourism and Hospitality Management Experimental Center for Education Education Department of Sichuan Province
  • 2015 Yinxing College Sichuan Province Tourism Bureau Tourism Research Center Sichuan Province Tourism Bureau
  • 2013-2016 Yinxing College Hoteliers Summit Asia First Prize (亚洲酒店业青年领袖峰会一等奖) Committee of Young Hoteliers Summit Asia (亚洲酒店业青年领袖峰会组委)
  • 2008-2015 Gingko College Human Resources Base by the World Golden Key Hotel Alliance(China) World Golden Key Hotel Alliance
The list above is a non-exhaustive list of our awards and honors. Many of our academic projects have obtained awards and recognitions. For details, please check the official website of Gingko College.