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College-local Cooperation Helps Talents and Localities Achieve Mutual Benefits

Pubdate:2022-09-30Source:Gingko EducationHit:1201

The optimum relationship betweenlocalities and talents is to attain mutual growth and mutual achievement. Recently,Ginkgo College of Hospitality Management has successively received invitationsfrom Nanxi District of Yibin City, Changning County of Yibin City, and ShuifuCity of Yunnan Province to accelerate the pace of college-local cooperation inthe field of University think tanks.

To fully explore the potential of talentsand take the initiative to revitalize talent resources, the fourth quarter of2022 has witnessed a series of training programs such as “the Young andMiddle-aged Leading Cadres Training for Shuifu city” and “Training Courses forTownship Section-level Leading Cadres in Nanxi District and Changning County”being carried out in the Yibin campus. This is not only the affirmation of theschool’s ability to serve the society, but also the successful exploration ofhow local governments can effectively utilize the resources of university thinktanks.

Cooperation as well as talents are criticalto college-local cooperation. With the strong support of the local government,Ginkgo College of Hospitality Management has created a series of training programsin line with local characteristics based on local needs. In May this year, thevocational skills improvement training for “You’ai Township Travelers” in PiduDistrict, Chengdu city was launched to promote the high-quality development ofthe integration of culture, agriculture and tourism; In June, the “2022 NanxiDistrict Cultural Tourism Integration Development Seminar” was initiated to helpthis district in it’s endeavor to become a famous tourist county in Sichuanprovince; In July, the second training course for young and middle-aged cadresin Nanxi District was launched, and Ginkgo empowered the training with itsspecialty; In August, the third phase of the on-the-job training for the secondbatch of  leading cadres in NanxiDistrict was launched, aiming to help the local government to build aprofessional and qualified leading team... In addition, the creation of thebrand  “Xianyuan Butler” featuringspecial labor service and the program tailored to the improvement of serviceetiquette and doctor-patient communication skills for Yibin IntegratedTraditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital have also added a new chapterto the school’s commitment to help local talents “recharge energy”.

To better match the talents with thesupply and demand of resources, colleges and universities have blazed a newtrail for educating students. Relying on the the characteristic teachingresources of the school, Ginkgo College of Hospitality Management tries to meetthe needs, development strategies, and industrial layout of the society accurately.Through active service and by giving training programs with prominent focus andclear direction to meet the needs of government and enterprises, the schoolstrives to achieve a high degree of matching between the growth chain oftalents and the value chain of economic development, and consolidate thefoundation for cooperation between local governments and colleges/universities.

By constantly adhering to the philosophyof serving the society and boosting regional economic development, the schooltakes every chance to practice the educational function of colleges anduniversities and take the lead in serving local development.