Press Release

The Hotel Management Major Approved as the National First-Class Undergraduate Program


Recently, the HotelManagement major of Gingko College of Hospitality Management (hereinafterreferred as the “Gingko College”) was approved as the National First-ClassUndergraduate Program, a breakthrough in the program development of Gingko College.

The Hotel Managementmajor of Gingko College is the only national first-class undergraduate programapproved this year in Sichuan Province and even in the western China. This yearalso marks the 20th anniversary of Gingko College, the approval of the NationalFirst-Class Undergraduate Program is the best recognition of Gingko College’s unremittingefforts to follow the educational philosophy of "Empowering the Students& Serving the Society" and commitment to developing anapplication-oriented university specialized in hospitality management, which isthe first-class at home and renowned abroad, with distinctive features.

Adhering to themission of morality education, Gingko College follows the provincial strategyof “upgrading Chengdu into a national central city” and “opening up further tothe southeastern Asia, south Asia and eastern China”, as well as the “Constructionof Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle” in recent years. Following the Ministryof Education’s requirement of developing new liberal arts disciplines , and thetrend of new sci-tech revolution and industrial transformation, Gingko Collegefocuses on the top design of specialty construction, by restructuring andimproving different programs’ composition, promoting the fusion of differentprograms, and developing featured programs. Thanks to the continuous efforts,the overall quality of different programs has been escalated.

In the next step,with the construction requirements of the First-Class Undergraduate Programs bythe Ministry of Education, Gingko College will continuously strengthen the specialtyconstruction, by deepening the cooperation between industry and education,exploring the specialty construction and talent training mode to meet the needsof cultivating applied talents. Gingko College shall play a full role inleading and improving the ability and standard of talent training.