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3 Majors Were Authorized to Issue Bachelor’s Degrees


3 Majors Were Authorized to Issue Bachelor’s Degrees

Recently,the Academic Degrees Committee of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government publishedthe Notice on the List of Authorized Majors to Issue Bachelor's Degrees in 2022(Sichuan Degree [2022] No. 3), announcing that 289 undergraduate majors in 49universities have been approved to issue bachelor's degrees.

Threemajors, i.e., Physical Training, Tourism Management and Service Education, andDigital Media Arts in Gingko College, have been reviewed and approved to issue bachelor'sdegrees. So far, among the 28 undergraduate majors, except for the major ofCulinary and Nutrition Education (enrollment to be started in 2022), theremaining 27 undergraduate majors have already been authorized to issue the bachelor'sdegrees, covering six disciplines ranging from the management, economics,education, literature, arts to engineering.

Instrict accordance with the requirements of the "Regulations of thePeople's Republic of China on Academic Degrees" and its interimimplementation measures, Gingko College will fully carry out the mission ofeducating talents, with the focus on the quality of talent training, strengtheningthe development of disciplines and degree management, effectively improving theoverall college education and the quality of bachelor's degrees issuance.