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Gingko Education won the "Most Valuable Education Company" Award in the 6th Golden Hong Kong Stock Exchange


Gingko Education won the "Most Valuable EducationCompany" Award in the 6th Golden Hong Kong Stock Exchange

On January 11, 2022, China Gingko Education Group Co.,Ltd. (Hong Kong stock code: 1851, referred to as "Gingko Education")won the award following the previous year in the 6th "Golden Hong Kong Stocks" selection held by Zhitong Finance, a well-known Hong Kong and US stock information platform. After the Best Education Company Award, this year,it won the "Most Valuable Education Company" award, which highlights the high recognition of the development of Gingko Education by the capitalmarket. Mr. Tian Tao, the company's director, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

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Winning the "Golden Hong Kong Stocks" award again is an encouragement to Gingko Education and an affirmation of the achievements since 2021. Gingko Education always adheres to the concept of integration of production and education and collaborative education. In 2021, the new campus of Yinxing Education - Yibin Campus has been put into operation. The establishment of the new campus will build a better cooperation platform for the college to open up more channels for industry-university cooperation, and will help the college to cultivate industry elites with excellent professional qualities. The number of students enrolled in the school in 2021 has risen sharply by 21.5% from the previous year.

At the end of 2021, Gingko Education decided to expand the Chengdu campus, which is expected to be completed in mid-2022. At that time, the college will be able to more effectively provide new training and more advanced development facilities, improve teaching quality and effectiveness, and meet the rising market demand. And attract more students aspiring to become industry elites. Gingko Education will continue to provide high-quality teaching courses in the coming year, and will increase vocational training related to hotel tourism in various aspects to expand the group's business.

Thanks to all investors, analysts and partnersfrom all walks of life for their strong support to Gingko Education, GingkoEducation will continue to develop and forge ahead in 2022!