Press Release

Mutual Cooperation for a Shared Future—A New Impetus for Further Internationalization of Ginkgo Education


On July 6, ChinaGinkgo Education Group Co., Ltd. (Gingko Education Group) signed the Memorandumof Understanding (MoU) with theTechnological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi),injecting new vitality into the internationalization of Ginkgo education.


Convergence of quality resources - bilateralcooperation in various fields

Dr.Ma Yi, CEO of Ginkgo Education Group, and Prof. Christina Hong, President ofTHEi, signed the MoU, announcing the two sides will carry out in-depthcooperation in the curriculum planning, faculty and student exchanges, studentinternship, and joint research. The agreement serves as the overarchingguidance for promoting the mutually beneficial development and forming aninnovative cooperation synergy.

Establishedin 2012, THEi is a member of the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council (VTC).The Hong Kong Vocational Training Council provides professional education andskills training and development, founded by the Hong Kong Government in 1982,to take over the functions previously performed by the Hong Kong EducationDepartment.

THEistands as an innovative, professional and entrepreneurial institution, with theFaculties of Design and Environment, Management and Hospitality and Science and Technology, offering20 bachelor's degree programs with professional orientation. All the degreeprograms are accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academicand Vocational Qualifications. The curriculum is both theoretical andpractical, with an emphasis on general and professional education, and providesstudents with case studies and industry internship opportunities, aiming tocultivate capable professionals with an international perspective.

THEiattaches great importance to the "hand-in-hand" cooperation withGinkgo Education Group, and strives to make new breakthroughs in the mutualcooperation. Prof. Christina Hong also acknowledges Ginkgo Education Group’sachievements on the internationalization of talent training, and is willing toactively promote various exchanges and cooperation in the future.


Reflect the experience of Gingko College - to developthe first-class program construction site

Thecultivation of first-class talents is inseparable from the development offirst-class programs. The first-class program shall be supported by thefirst-class teaching platform, first-class courses and first-class practicebases. In June 2022, the "Hotel Management" program of Ginkgo Collegeof Hotel Management (Gingko College), an undergraduate institution founded bythe Ginkgo Education Group, was approved as the first and only national-levelfirst-class undergraduate program construction site in Sichuan Province. So,how to realize the innovation of talent training needed by the industry?


AsChina's higher education ushers in a new chapter, Ginkgo Education Group seizesthe strategic opportunity, backed by the Ginkgo College located in two campusesin two cities, upgrading the talent training modes and the applied educationalsystem.

Adheringto the educational philosophy of "empowering the students and serving thesociety", and the new requirements of "high quality and newjourney", Gingko College has forged comprehensive cooperation with overone hundred companies both at home and abroad, including three major worldrenowned hotel groups (Hilton, Intercontinental and Marriot), in the co-developmentof programs, courses, faculties, practice bases, student internship andemployment, additionally with Ginkgo Education Group’s strong support intapping the industry, technology and talent resources.

The"Ginkgo Standard" Teaching Hotels and training building of GinkgoCollege have been put into operation, breaking the "barriers" betweentheoretical learning and practical training, promoting the integration ofdifferent disciplines, providing students with real work scenarios, andinnovating the cooperation patterns between industries and education.


Following the development plan-international industrystandards lead Gingko College’s educational path

Whilethe hotel industry is undergoing dramatic changes around the world, it also entailsnew opportunities in this transitioning period.

Inthis context, in line with the regional development and industry needs, GinkgoCollege continuously expands the international cooperation patterns, including:holding the Invitation-Only General Manager Round-Table Seminar, establishingoff-campus practical teaching bases, extending exchanges and cooperation withhigh-level hotel and tourism management institutions in ASEAN countries, andfounding the International Hospitality Research Institute…...

GingkoCollege sticks to the applied talent training mode of industry-educationintegration, school-enterprise cooperation, and university collaboration, andencourages teachers and students to fully participate in the internationaldevelopment. In the past 20 years, Ginkgo College has made remarkableachievements in the internationalization of curriculum, courses, faculties, andteaching modes.


Future Prospects:

The development concept is well recognized –partnersare firmly aligned

Itis worth mentioning in the establishment of Ginkgo Education Group, it hasalways adhered to the development and demand orientation, actively adapted tothe needs of ever-changing industries, oriented to the modern service industry,and always maintained its mission in cultivating high-quality talents withinternational vision, attracting more than 100 well-known enterprises at homeand abroad as partners, training innovative management talents with Chinesecharacteristics that meet international industry standards.

Theofficial cooperation between Gingko Education Group and THEi is anothermilestone for boosting Gingko’s overall educational quality, and bringingintellectual support for the industry development.