Press Release

Gingko College of Hospitality Management Has Been Approved by Sichuan Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center Again


Recently,the Education Department of Sichuan Province announced the notice OnAnnouncingthe Construction Project of the Provincial ExperimentalTeaching Demonstration Center in 2021, and theInternational Standard HotelComprehensive Experimental Teaching Centerof Gingko College ofHospitality Management was approved. This is the second time for the College tobe approved by Sichuan Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centerafter the project of Tourism and Hotel Experimental Teaching DemonstrationCenter.

The approved project InternationalStandard Hotel Comprehensive Experimental Teaching Center breaks thetraditional talent training mode, creates a long-term mechanism ofcollaborative education and practical education, and carries out the beneficialreform and innovation for the cultivation of new application-oriented talents.What’s more, it plays a positive exemplary role in the aspects of management modeand operation system.

It is reported that Ginkgo College will give full play to theadvantages of the center, combine the differentiated hotel form, diversifiedteacher structure, and international strategic layout, and strive to build a GingkoStandard, the hotel management talent training system, making theinternational standards sinicize and the Chinese standards internationalize.