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Gingko College of Hospitality Management & Kosmos Group : Create a New Chapter of College-Enterprise Cooperation


Gingko College of Hospitality Management & Kosmos Group :

Create a New Chapter of College-Enterprise Cooperation

OnJune 16, 2021, the launch ceremony of strategic cooperation between Gingko College of Hospitality Management and Kosmos Group was held in the multi-functional hall of its Chengdu campus. Zhang Miao, President of Kosmos University; Cui Kaixin, Director of Kosmos Groups Public Affairs Department; Wei Zhao, Dean of Gingko College; Yang Longtao, utive Dean of Gingko College; and leaders ofrelevant teaching departments attended the event.



On behalf of Gingko College, Wei Zhao expressed sincere welcome and thanks to the guests and said that Gingko College has always practiced the concept of OBE talent training, and constantly improved the application-oriented talent training mode of integration of industry and education as well as dual-subject education. Gingko College is willing to work with Kosmos Group to build acollege-enterprise cooperation and innovation platform, seek a new mechanism for talent training, further strengthen cooperation with enterprises inscientific and technological cooperation, talent training, platform construction and other aspects, so as to realize college-enterprise complementary advantages and common development.



Subsequently, the representatives of Gingko College and Kosmos Group jointly held the launch ceremony of cooperation, and officially launched the first cooperation projectthe cooperative construction and development of the course Revenue Management. By integrating industry information, teaching resource platform and practical experience in professional fields in a three-dimensional way, this project will realize resource sharing with enterprises, co-construction of curriculum system and teaching materials, organic combination of teaching content and industry reality, and promotecollege-enterprise cooperation and collaborative education.


In the next step, the two sides will further leverage their respective advantages to jointly promote the construction and reform of relevant majors, exploresolutions to the problem of disconnection between talent training and the needs of enterprises, and improve the quality of talent training.