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Yinxing College’s Student Enrollment Increased 23% Year By Year


Yinxing College’s Student EnrollmentIncreased 23% Year By Year

Internal Growth Is Stably Increasing AndVocational Education And Training Business Growth Can Be Expected

China Gingko Education Group Company Limited (“Gingko Education” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiariesand consolidated affiliated entities, the “Group”, the code: 1851) informed that,the enrollment for freshman of Gingko College of Hospitality Management (“Yinxing College”) for 2020/2021 school year is approximately 4,000 students, represented an increase of 23% when compared with 3,250 students for 2019/2020 school year.For 2020/2021 school year, the enrollment of Yinxing College is approximately 12,300students, as compared with the enrollment of approximately 11,100 students for 2019/2020 school year, representing an increase of 11%.

Group continually increases investment of software environment and hardware facilities, which makes it possible to increase the freshman tuition fees. For 2020/2021 school year, the tuition fees of bachelor’s degree programme and junior college diploma programme range from RMB15,000 to RMB18,000, representing a significant increase of RMB3,000. Also, the increasement oftuition fees could support the teaching qualification.

In terms of improving teaching quality, Group actively explores. Since April 3, 2020, Ministry of Education of PRC issued aletter approving the conversion of the Yinxing Hospitality Management College of CUIT to the Ginkgo College of Hospitality Management, Yinxing College has been more independent to run its business. While actively expanding the source of students and raising tuition standards, the college strives to improve the quality of schooling and vigorously implements an international development strategy at the same time. The college actively cooperates with top overseasteams to develop international courses, and establishes cooperation withworld-class hotel education institutions through teacher sharing, student exchange visits, courses research and development, academic exchanges, etc., to ensure the continuous and stable growth of the college's academic education business.

While expanding foreign cooperation, the college accelerates the construction of the Nanxi new campus. In order to improve the quality of training talents with practical skills, Nanxi new campus carries out professional practical teaching system. Meanwhile, it provides high-quality training service tosociety and industry. At present, education hotel No.3 and part of training building have put into use. Students are arranged to study and practice in campus in batches, according to the teaching plan.

In recent years, the state has issued a number of encouraging policies in the field of vocational education. Based onthe advantages of the college’s undergraduate education and relying on the first-class vocational education facilities on the Nanxi new campus, Group vigorously develops vocational training related to the “pan-hotel industry”,such as the development of hotel management training, Chinese and Western cooking, baking, bartending, coffee and other courses, which will bring considerable performance growth to the group.

About Yinxing College

Yinxing College, is a higher education service provider in Sichuan Province, invested by China Gingko. It is one ofthe earliest private higher school specializing in hospitality management educationin China. To meet the market demand, the college is dedicated to become therule maker in hospitality management industry. Yinxing College has developed into a modern service and skill-oriented school, which provides a wide range of courses, namely management, literature, engineering, education, economics, andarts, specializing in hospitality management education and tourism management. The College offers 25 bachelor’s programs and 24 junior college diploma programs, many of which are top-ranked programs in Sichuan. In addition, based onthe CUAA, hospitality management program was rated as a six-star program, the top-notch hospitality management bachelor’s programs of independent colleges in China.