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Gingko College of Hospitality Management Won Two “Echoes of China” Awards


Gingko College of Hospitality Management

Won Two  “Echoes of China”  Awards

On Dec. 2nd, 2020, “Echoes of China”----Tencent Education Annual Gala, sponsored by Tencent, was held at Beijing Grand Hotel. With the theme of “Facing Challenges and Winning the Future Together”, the gala selected many important awards such as Annual Excellent Private Colleges & Universities, Annual Model Colleges & Universities for Entrepreneurship and Employment, Annual Education Groups with Brand Influence etc. through online vote and
comprehensive evaluation of experts and scholars in education industry.


Gingko College of Hospitality Management won two honors: 2020 Excellent Private Colleges & Universities and 2020 Model Colleges & Universities for Entrepreneurship and Employment, which is a recognition and encouragement of Gingko College`s educational achievements at present.


Since it was first held in 2007, “Echoes of China” , known as the bellwether of education industry, has witnessed the vigorous development and innovative reform of the industry. It reviewed and summarized the achievements of education industry in 2020, especially the experience and reflection in dealing with the epidemic, analyzed the direction and opportunities for future development and awarded 27 heavy weight awards, such as 2020 Comprehensive Influential Brand, 2020 Word-of-Mouth Influential Vocational Education Brand etc..


Gingko College is the only private undergraduate college in Sichuan Province that has passed the evaluation of Ministry of Education for college transformation in2020. It has developed into a hospitality and tourism management specialty, with cross integration, mutual support and coordinated development of disciplines in management, literature, art, engineering, education, economics and a undergraduate college on talents cultivation in modern service skills training and application. At present, the college has 25 undergraduate majorsand 24 junior college programmes, including 2 provincial first-class majors, 4 majors with provincial quality engineering research project, 4 provincial characteristic majors with specialty promotion research project, and 6 majorson application-oriented demonstration project of private undergraduate collegesin Sichuan Province.

At present, through the construction of Yibin new campus, relying on hotels operation simulation to cultivate students' comprehensive practical ability, and jointly training master degree with Prince of Songkla University in Thailand, Gingko College deepens the integration of production and education and international development strategy, innovates application-oriented talent training mode, establishes talent training quality evaluation standards and industry standards of characteristic majors , and comprehensively improves talents’ quality and education connotation, better serve the regional economy and industry development, and strive to make "China Standard" get its due seat in the world hospitality industry.