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Gingko College of Hospitality Management


Gingko College of Hospitality Management

We area higher education service provider in Sichuan Province. We have been providing higher education service in hotel management since 2002. Until December 31,2020, about 12,300 students had studied in Ginkgo College. We are committed to providing a comprehensive and diversified curriculum and curriculum design, in order to produce talents with practical skills suitable for modern service industry. Our high graduate employment rates reflect the remarkable achievements of our practical curriculum design and training courses, which we deem will be beneficial to enhancing the brand reputation of Ginkgo College as well as attracting more talents. By the end of 2017, there were 746 private higher education institutions in China, of which 225 institutions set up hotel management major. Ginkgo College ranked the second in terms of the number of the students majoring in hotel management on campus. In addition, according to CUAA's 2021 Chinese University Evaluation Research Report, our undergraduate degree program ranks first in the first-class management major in Sichuan Province and sixth in the country in terms of comprehensive scores.

With our strength in hotel management education, we provide quality andmarket-oriented education service through a comprehensive and diversified curriculum and curriculum design. Ourcollege offers 27 undergraduate programs and 27 associate degree programs. We offer a wide range of majors in six disciplines which involve management, literature, engineering, education, economics and art. Hotel management is our leading major, which aims at producing highly skilled and educated professionals with practical skills by providing practical training courses taught by teachers with relevant industry experience and various internship opportunities in high-end hotels. In 2021, our hotel management major was ranked sixth in the CUAA among all hotel management majors offered by universities in mainland China based on a comprehensive score.

We aim at producing talents with practical skills suitable for modern service industry. To this end, we combine theoretical learning with skill-based practice throughthe establishment and maintenance of effective college-enterprise cooperation. We believe that our focus on practical training has enabled us to obtain higher graduate employment rates than our competitors. The graduate employment rates in the 2018/2019, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 academic years are about 94.8%, 88.8% and 91.0% respectively. We believe that the high employment rates of our graduates and their popularity in high-end hotels not only provethe effectiveness of our teaching methods, but also enhance our reputation andbrand image, which will attract more students.

We provide higher education service in Sichuan Province through the leading major (i.e. hotel management major).

By the end of 2017, of all 746 private higher education institutions in China, only 225 institutions offered hotel management major. In terms of the number of the registered students majoring in hotel management in the 2017/2018 academic year, our hotel management major ranked the second among the 225 higher education institutions offering hotel management major. In 2017 and 2018, CUAA ranked our hotel management major the first among all the hotel management majors offered by the private higher institutions in China.

With our core competence in hotel management education, we provide students withmarket-oriented, comprehensive and diversified majors and courses that developin a coordinated manner.

We have been developing our core capabilities to provide higher education in hotel industry and promoting the all-round development of all disciplines. Hotel management is our leading major, which offers a comprehensive and unique curriculum design that covers a wide range of courses. Our bachelor’s degree program in hotel management offers more than 30 required courses (such as Introduction to Hotel Management, Hotel Room Management, and International Hotel Industry) and over 10 optional courses (such as Basic Hotel Information Analysis, Hotel Security Management,and Hotel Customer Relationship Management). In addition, we have been well-designing and continuously updating the courses in hospitality management program to develop students’ professional skills required by the hotel industry and the society. For example, we have introduced bilingual AH & LA courses to enhance the international reputation of the students from our college, which is to create a“1 + N” model course taught by one teacher from our college and severalindustry mentors to provide multi-angle guidance and create project-oriented joint courses. In other words, students attend multiple courses for one project which will be accomplished by comprehensive study, so as to improve students’comprehensive practical skills as well as introduce some courses which arejointly designed and developed by our college and cooperative enterprises to meet the needs of the industry, such as House keeping Practice, Hotel Information Management and Revenue Management.

We maintain a wide range of training platforms to effectively improve students’ practical skills and provide students with better career prospect.

Adhering to the school motto of “Cultivating Service Awareness, Learning by Practicing”,we are committed to providing diversified courses and a wide range of practical training platforms to cultivate and improve students’ practical skills. We are devoted to producing talents for high-end markets with professional knowledge, cultural accomplishment, creative thinking ability and comparatively better practical ability, who are needed for modern service industry.

In addition to the traditional classroom teaching and online teaching platforms,each department of our college has set up a training platform for working scenario simulation, which can simulate the working environment for situational teaching. For example, we set up three teaching hotels on Yibin campus with real life scenarios to meet the needs of talent training for cultivating students’skills and practical ability. Besides, we actively expand the mode of “flipped classroom”, set up classes in a number of starred hotels, and offer first-handpractical courses. We believe that practical courses taught in work scenarioscan better enable students to fully understand the details of practical operations and apply theoretical knowledge in work, so as to improve their comprehensive ability.

Moreover, we also actively cooperate with well-known enterprises to provide extensive practical training for students to enhance their competitiveness. Inrecent years, the total number of college-enterprise cooperation units has exceeded 500, and the number of off-campus training employment bases has reached more than 100.Based on such cooperation, our students can finish an internship in such hotels or restaurants for 6 to 8months. Interns who perform well during their internship can be offered a full-time job until the end of the internship. Through such cooperation, we have arranged internship opportunities for students in high-end hotels andcatering companies such as Marriott, Intercontinental, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Hyatt Hotels Group and Peninsula, which are located in Beijing,Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu and Sanya in the Chinese mainland and many cities in the United States.

We have a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

Our ability to recruit and retain high-quality teachers is key to our success. Toexpand our educational services and improve the quality of our teaching, we have adopted strict recruitment standards and taken various measures to train andmotivate our teachers. We are committed to optimizing the overall structure of the teaching staff and building the talent of teachers.

In addition, we are committed to enhancing teacher performance and providing teachers with a wide range of opportunities for continuous learning andtraining. At the same time, we believe that continuous assessment of teachers’ performance is particularly important to maintain our high-quality teaching service. We have established a rigorous evaluation system, which directly links teachers’ comprehensive performance with promotion opportunities, professional title assessment and income. Teachers with high scores in the evaluation will be promoted and awarded bonuses. Teachers who fail to meet the standards in the year-end evaluation will be dismissed. Teachers whose comprehensive performance is slightly below our standard will be given athree-month probation period. Teachers whose performance is still below the standard after the probation period will be dismissed. We believe that main taining a highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty will ensure the quality of our curriculum and help us achieve sustainable long-term growth.

We have an experienced senior management team led by a visionary founder.

We have an experienced senior management team led by a visionary founder. The chairman Mr. Fang entered the high-end catering service industry nearly 30 years ago. Over the years, Mr. Fang has been aware of the strong demand for talents in hotel and catering industry of the Chinese market. Mr. Fang decided to seize the market opportunity and founded our college in 2002.

We believe that the vision of our management team and its rich educational and managerial experience can provide us with valuable industry insights and expertise. The cohesion and ability of our management team will continue to ensure that we manage our operations efficiently and consolidate our brand name.