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Our College Held a Network Security Publicity Lecture


In order to improve students' cyber security awareness, the Asset and logistics Management held a cybersecurity publicity lecture in the A1121 classroom at 10:30 on September 21st, during the National Cyber Security Publicity Week of 2018.

The lecture invited Geng Qi, the police officer of Qidu District Public Security Bureau as speaker. Mr Geng explained the various online frauds, including the online shopping customer service refund scam, winning scam, online chat scam, identity fraud, online game dating scam and part-time brush list fraud, popular cyber security events and real cases happening around college students. He shared some ways to protect students from fraud. The police officer said that, in the Internet era, students should use the network correctly, did not be credulous, did not disclose any personal information or transfer money to strangers. Besides, protecting personal accounts and passwords, students should not click on the unknown link, and did not scan the QR code randomly. As for the rumour, students should not believe and diffuse. Also, human-flesh search was forbidden and everyone should stay clear of the law. Finally, the police officer and students had an interactive section, allowing students to learn in a pleasant atmosphere.

This lecture helped teachers and students to improve their cyber security awareness and protective skills, so that students could set up a correct outlook of life and values, and also, use the network correctly.


Mr.Geng, the police officer, as the speaker


Interactive section