Vocational Trainings

Education service industry, serving local economy


Based on the development trend of modernservice industry, we have deeply cultivated various sub-fields of the largeaccommodation industry, and relying on the high-quality teaching and researchfoundation of software and hardware and the industry background of GingkoCollege of Hospitality Management, it has established a systematic andprofessional covering the whole process of the large accommodation industrychain. Training system to carry out industry training in hotels, homestays,apartments, tourism, conventions and exhibitions.

——Undertook the SichuanProvince "Two-in-One" trial for the hotel reception project of the46th World Skills Competition, and developed the technical documents(competition items, referee group, propositions, and scores) for the SichuanProvince" Two-in-One" trial according to the requirements of theorganizer Standards, venue requirements and competition rules, etc.)

——Undertook the 4th"Sichuan Craftsman Cup" Professional Skills Competition Western FoodProject Yibin City Trial

——Won the award of"Chengdu Vocational Skills Competition Hotel Reception Project TrainingBase" jointly issued by Chengdu Human Resources and Social Security Bureauand Chengdu Finance Bureau (2020-2022)

——Provided etiquette andlogistics management improvement training for more than 30 staff in the officehall of Qionglai Municipal Government

——Co-hosted the"Yazheng Cup" the tour guide and explainer skills competition withthe Chengdu Tourist Guide Association

——Undertook the seminarfor professionals in research travel management and service in Southwest China

——Chengdu Ginkgo HotelVocational Skills Training School and Chengdu Tourism Accommodation IndustryAssociation signed a cooperation framework agreement on Strategy on Hotel Management Experts

——Chengdu Ginkgo HotelVocational Skills Training School and Yibin Yuetong Hotel signed an agreementto guide the construction of the hotels cultural system, develop corporate culture training courses,training and consultation for Yuetong Hotel. The experts will lead a team toanalyse different problems in-store and form a diagnosis report

——Customized"service packages" for hotel and catering industry in Peng'an Countyto enhance and sustain their high-quality development

——Customized the"Customer Service Manager Ability Improvement Training Course"requested by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

——Launched the firstWestern Cuisine and Baking Culinary course

——Signed a strategiccollaboration agreement with Yibin Housekeeping Service Association “酒都阿嫂Training, Hotel Management Training, and Professional Education forEmployees"

——“Never StoppingLearning Skills, Gingko College ofHospitality Management helps with Rural Tourism Talents of Youai Town vocational skills enhancement training in Pidu District, Chengdu.

——Entrusted by YibinCulture, Television, Radio and Tourism Bureau, the college undertook theSelection Competition in Yibin for the 2022 Sichuan Star Hotel Staff Service SkillsCompetition.

——Tailored courses forthe staff at the guide desk and service window of Yibin Integrated TraditionalChinese Medicine and Western Medicine Hospital, and carried out serviceawareness and skill enhancement training

——The construction ofthe Communist Party of China leads the focus on the ecology of tourismindustry. Entrusted by the Organization Department of the CPC Yibin NanxiDistrict Committee and the Party School of the CPC Yibin Nanxi DistrictCommittee, the college undertook the 2022 seminar on the integrated developmentof culture and tourism in Nanxi District.

——To help local talents recharge batteries and improve abilities, entrusted by the Organization Department of the CPC Yibin NanxiDistrict Committee and the Party School of the CPC Yibin Nanxi DistrictCommittee, the college undertook the second training program for young andmiddle-aged cadres in Nanxi District.