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Gingko Education: Introduction the Leading Resources of Hospitality Industry to Innovate the New Teaching Model


Recently, a cooperation betweenYinxing Hospitality Management College of CUIT (“Yinxing College”), a consolidated affiliated entity of China Gingko Education Group Company Limited (“GingkoEducation”), and the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (“SHTM”) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has developed. Both parties discussed several times on academic education of hospitality management and vocational training of hospitality management industry, and signed the consultancy agreement in respect of the construction of the education hotel in Nanxi new campus in March 2019.

 (the team from Gingko Education and profession team from SHTM, in Hong Kong)

Gingko Education is aprivate higher education service provider who focuses on the hospitality management education, and listed in the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.Gingko Education commits to building a typical academic education in hotel industry, strengthening its cooperation with educational institutions and enterprises in hotel industry, further developing vocational training business, gradually establishing itself as a standard developer of talent cultivation in the PRC hospitality management industry.

The team including the professors and scholars from SHTM, visited the Yinxing College during the end of March this year. After communication and investigation, SHTM highly praised the education model which would be practiced in Nanxi new campus, and the model combining with the core of hospitality management, disciplinary integration and practice training, was an innovation in China. The model is likelyto be widely endorsed by the industry, because it focuses on the solution for human resources issues in hospitality management industry. During the visit, Dr. TonyTse, the professor of SHTM, did a lecture for the core teachers in Yinxing College to inspire them how to perfect the construction of educational resources and improve application of discipline.

(Dr. Tony Tseand teachers in Yinxing College)

Gingko Education believes that it is essential to keep communication and collaboration with the world first class specialists in hotel industry and use the international education resources like SHTM. Given the reputation and solid experience of those support, we will stand at the front line and keep a foothold in cultivating professional talents with international view and foresight for hotel industry in the PRC. The existing brand name of “Gingko Education” will be well-known throughout as an excellent brand for developing professional talents in hotel industry.