Press Release

The Autumn 2021 Semester in Gingko College of Hospitality Management Starts Today


On Aug. 30th, the first day of the autumn 2021 semester, the two campuses (Chengdu & Yibin) of Gingko College of Hospitality Management started class smoothly.    

In order to further standardize teaching management, fully understand the teaching preparation and teaching operation ofthe new semester, and ensure a smooth start of teaching work in the new semester, leaders of school party organizations and administrative departments lead the college office, academic affairs office, student affairs office and various teaching units to conduct teaching inspections based on the attendance of teachers, class conditions, student attendance, learning status, the availability of teaching materials, and the operation of teaching equipment.

The inspection was carried out simultaneously on the Chengdu and Yibin campuses. The teaching operation of the whole college is in good order, teachers' preparations for teaching are adequate, and the class is full of emotions; the students' overall appearance is good, the class is in order, and the attendance of students is good; teaching guarantees and various arrangements are in place, teaching equipment is operating normally, and the teaching environment is clean. The teaching work in the new semester has made a good start.

Teaching inspection is an important part of Gingko College's teaching quality monitoring system. It plays an important role in stabilizing teaching order, improving teaching quality, and promoting good teaching and learning styles. The college will continue to carry out various forms of teaching inspections to ensure the orderly operation of the teaching work of the whole college.


Classroom scene in Chengdu campus

Classroom scene in Yibin campus