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Gingko College Researchers Won NSSFC Project in Two Consecutive Years


Gingko College Researchers Won NSSFC Project

in Two Consecutive Years

On Sep. 27th, the National Office for Philosophy and Social Scienceshas officially released the list of The Western Project of 2020 NationalSocial Science Fund of China (NSSFC).

So far, researchers from Gingko College have wontwo NSSFC projects in two successive years. On the 2020 list is the project “Researchon the Construction of Collaborative Governance System on Rural Ecological Environmentfrom the Perspective of Ecological Civilization” (Project No.20XZZ007), which is presided over by Dong Shuai, a young teacher from the Department of Business Administration at Gingko College of Hospitality Management (Gingko College forshort).



The other is on the 2019 list. The project “Research on Rural Culture and Tourism Spacial Production based on Environmental Aesthetics” (Project No.19BJY210) is presided over by Dr. Zhao Ping, from the Department of Tourism Management at Gingko College.      

Established in 2004, the Western Project of NSSFC, equally important as the General Project of NSSFC, is one of the top and valuable scientific research projects in the field of philosophy and social science in China.

Marking further improvement of the overall scientific research ability and level, the two NSSFC projects fully reflect the development potential of all young scientific research faculty in Gingko College.