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The Fall 2020 Semester in Gingko College Starts Today


The Fall 2020 Semester in Gingko College Starts Today

OnAug. 31th , the very first day of fall 2020 semester in Gingko College of Hospitality Management, the inspection team, which consist of the heads of Gingko College ,the teaching supervision office, the student affairs office, the office of academic affairs and the leaders of departments, went on a tour of inspection of all classes, in order to implement the general requirements “ Safe, Normal, Entirety ” of the Ministry of Education, ensure the smooth operation ofteaching, and guarantee the quality of teaching.

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Yu Yuan, utive director of Gingko College, Gong Yan, deputy Party secretarysecretary of Discipline Inspection Commission & chairman of trade union, andvice-president Wei Zhao led the inspection.

The implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements, teaching order and discipline, mental outlook and attendance of teachers and students, and the usage of the teaching resources etc. were the core of this inspection. The inspection covered all departments, involving 299 teachers and 411 classes. It turned out that everything was in good condition.