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Practicing social responsibility:education and professional poverty alleviation


Practicing social responsibility: education and professional poverty alleviation

In recent years, Chengdu Gingko College of Hospitality Management has bravely shouldered heavy responsibilities. Under the overall planning and guidance of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, it has taken full advantage of its own advantages and industry influence to actively promote poverty alleviation work, integrate poverty alleviation work with talent training and scientific research, and continuously innovate methods , Has achieved good results and has been affirmed and praised by superior units and all walks of life.

In 2016, the People's Daily published anarticle "Let Beauty Conquer Poverty-Sichuan Tourism Poverty Alleviation Documentary", reporting on the effectiveness of tourism poverty alleviation in Pingchang County, Bazhong, the "Qinba Mountain Area"that the college is responsible for. In the same year, the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee (now the Sichuan Provincial Department of Cultureand Tourism) fully affirmed the college’s poverty alleviation work by tourism, and announced the "Approval", officially established the "Qinba Mountain Area" and "Wumeng Mountain Area" Tourism Poverty Alleviation Promotion Center in the hospital, and awarded the license.

In 2018, the college was awarded the honorary title of “Advanced Unit for Poverty Alleviation in Universities in the Province” by the Sichuan Provincial Education Commission and the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, and was awarded the honor of  “2018 Advanced Group for Poverty Alleviation” by the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Government.

In October 2019, the college was regardedas a model of educational poverty alleviation by the Ministry of Education. The official website of the Ministry of Education published "Utilizing Professional Advantages, Combining Aspiration and Intelligence to Help Mabian County Alleviate Poverty-Typical Cases of Educational Poverty Alleviation by Ginkgo Hotel Management College, Chengdu University of Information Technology". (Note: Chengdu Gingko College of Hospitality Management, formerly known as Ginkgo Hotel Management College of Chengdu University of Information Technology.)

In 2020, the relevant pictures of the "Warm Foot Program" carried out by the college for primary school students in poverty-stricken mountainous areas of Mabian County in 2018 were selected into the  "Exhibition of the Effectiveness of Directed Poverty Alleviation by Direct Departments (Units) of Sichuan Province".

Poverty alleviation work history (in reverse chronological order)

·Poverty alleviation through education:counterpart Mabian Yi Autonomous County of Leshan City, Sichuan Province (hereinafter referred to as Mabian County)


—— Carrying out the exploration of the training model of middle and higher vocational talents, professional etiquette, mental health and other special lectures, and the corresponding assistance to the teacher training project of the Xuekoushan Township Central School in Mabian County

——Poverty alleviation cadres sent by thecollege to Mabian County to carry out epidemic prevention and control work, top romote the resumption of work and production in Yongxing Village, Mabian County, and to carry out in-depth condolences work for the elderly at home and students in school


——Go to Mabian County to carry out supervision and survey of poverty alleviation work in 2019 and carry out condolences

——College volunteers went to Mabian County to carry out a series of assistance activities (farm house etiquette training, catering service training, agricultural product e-commerce sales training, environmental protection knowledge promotion activities, preschool education wall painting creation, children's English activities, children's painting activities, children's body Quality development activities, love donations andhome condolences, etc.)

——The college's counterpart to help Mabiancadres officially complete the rotation and transfer

——Go to Mabian to express condolences tothe people affected by the "August 2" flood

——Initiated the poverty alleviation training project for employees in the hotel and tourism industry in Mabian County

—— Carrying out tourism training and assistance work, children’s English teacher training and English teacher teaching skills improvement assistance projects, Mabian County characteristic agricultural product packaging design projects, cultural and artistic poverty alleviation

——Guide social organizations (SichuanProvincial Department of Commerce Non-staple Food Circulation Association) to participate in the poverty alleviation match making meeting in Mabian County


——Launched Mabian County Poverty Alleviation and Foot Warming Program

—— Carry out the 2018 Poverty Alleviation Day donation activities and the poverty alleviation activities with purchase instead of donations

——College volunteers went to Xuekoushan Township, Mabian County to carry out social practice activities of "Three Going to the Countryside" ("Patriotism Education" lectures, funquality development activities, children's English and children's painting teaching activities, home condolences, etc.)

——Poverty alleviation and intellectual support series of assistance activities ("Tourism + Agricultural Products Traceability" Tourism Poverty Alleviation Training, Intellectual Assistance Guidance of  Vocational Education, Poverty Alleviation Training for Tourism Practitioners)

——The college signed a counterpart assistance agreement with Mabian County

·Professional poverty alleviation: As thetourism poverty alleviation promotion center of Qinba Mountain area and Wumeng Mountain area set up by Sichuan Tourism Development Committee (now SichuanProvincial Department of Culture and Tourism)

In accordance with the requirements of the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee, the college organized professional teachers to group into the mountainous area, one village and one household, and completed poverty alleviation surveys, information data collection, and guidance for tourism poverty alleviation demonstration areas and demonstrations in the two regions, 9 cities and 43 counties. The establishment of qualified households in villages and homestays, guide the development of tourism products, guide the cultivation of tourism product brands, guide the development of tourism promotion and marketing, carry out training of tourism practitioners, and summarize tourism poverty alleviation models and practices in various regions.


——Developing tourism product brand marketing planning and product packaging design projects in Wumengshan and Qinbashanareas

——Developing special planning for tourism destinations in Wumeng Mountain, Dachuan and the Yangtze River Basin, and special planning for tourism destinations in Daqinba Mountain Resort

——The article "Promoting my country's Rural Tourism and Tourism Poverty Alleviation" on Xinhuanet introduced the situation of tourism poverty alleviation in Liuba County in the "Qinba Mountain Area" which the college is responsible for

——The Sichuan Daily published an article "Innovative Tourism Poverty Alleviation Work Mechanism, and the Docking Place of Tourism Poverty Alleviation Promotion Centers in the Four MajorAreas", and commented on the establishment of the "Qinba Mountain Area" and "Wumeng Area" in the college by the Sichuan Tourism Development Committee (now Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture andTourism) Report on the relevant situation of the Tourism Poverty Alleviation Promotion Center in the Mountain Area

——The college signed a tourism poverty alleviation agreement with the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee, and initiated tourism poverty alleviation work in the Qinba Mountain area and Wumeng Mountain area