Press Release

Autumn Campus Job Fair for Class of 2020 Held in Gingko College


On October 30, 2019, the College, jointly with Sichuan Commerce Development Center, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Pidu District and Chengdu Yuhui Human Resource Management Co., Ltd., held the autumn campus job fair for class of 2020 in the multi-function hall. In total, 220 enterprises and public institutions were attracted to campus job fair, providing posts covering over 20 occupational classifications and all programs of the College.


Dean Li Ming Learned about the Campus Job Fair

The campus job fair had a larger scale and a higher level compared to the previous ones. According to the requirements made by previous participating enterprises, the College has attached more importance to students' career planning, vocational guidance, teamwork, sense of responsibility, résumé crafting, image design and other aspects in student cultivation, allowing students to integrate into the society and the work team in a faster and easier way. A great proportion of participating enterprises expressed accolades on the overall quality and abilities of the class of 2020 of the College.

On-site Consultation

Many fresh graduates as well as a large number of undergraduates went to the job fair. It is known that these undergraduates came here to seek internship opportunities in the coming summer vacation, which may help enhance their internship experience, acquire information on the requirements of their ideal occupations and get prepared for their future jobs.

Student Representative Accepted Interview

The College is cultivating high-quality applied talent specifically for the industry and has given weight to students' employment and career development. In recent years, in accordance with national talent demand and social development, the College has integrated vocational planning education and employment guidance for college students into talent cultivation. Furthermore, the College has implemented education of career planning and enlightened the awareness of career development and career planning for junior college students. In addition, the College has put emphasis on carrying out employment-guiding activities for reinforcing the professional quality and job hunting skills of fresh graduates, so as to promote students' competitiveness of job hunting and guarantee the full and high-quality employment of the College's students.