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Gingko College held 2020 Freshmen Opening Ceremony


Gingko College held

2020 Freshmen Opening Ceremony

On the evening of Oct. 22nd, the 2020 freshmen opening ceremony washeld in Chengdu Campus of Gingko College of Hospitality Management. This gala was to welcome more than 3,700 freshmen in 2020.


Expressing the warmest welcome and congratulations to the freshmen from all over the country, Liu Wukang, party secretary of Gingko College, said, “our faculties and counselors will always support, encourage and cheer for the freshmen in the development of their moral, intelligence, physical constitution and aesthetics.And what is more important is to nourish the students` confidence,self-discipline, self-improvement and beyond.”


Basedon his own experience, Huang Guoquan, senior adviser of Gingko Standard Teaching Hotel, suggested that the freshmen should make plans for their careersas soon as possible, and choose a suitable & pleasant career. He encouraged students to participate in the interesting and fashionable Hotel Industry, soas to maintain vitality and keep in line with the world.

ZhouXudong, on behalf of all faculties, gave a speech to express her hope that the freshmen should not only learn professional knowledge well, but also learn tobe a man, to study, to be grateful, and strive to become the talents needed inthe industry and society.

Sharing career development experience, Liu Jiayu, the representative of the alumnus, encouraged the freshmen to cherish the campus time and take advantage of various opportunities to improve themselves comprehensively, and wished them to fulfill their dream in the future.

On behalf of the 2020 Freshmen, Huang Ruiqi showed her confidence and determination to become an excellent college student with ideals, knowledge andtalents.

Then the heads of Gingko College wore the school badge for the freshmen representatives.

After the opening ceremony, the welcome gala was on.


Showing the rich cultural heritage of Gingko College and the good spirit of all faculties and students, the evening gala lasted for one and a half hours. And  the whole audience was immersed in acheerful and passionate atmosphere.