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Gingko College Undertook the 46th World Skills Competition


Gingko College Undertook the 46th World Skills Competition

Organizedby WSI (World Skills International), the World Skills Competition is the highest level vocational skills eventand known asthe World Skills Olympics. The Hospitality Item, a high EQ program for communication and social skills, is one of the new projects in the 45thWorld Skills Competition, which requires the use of English throughout the communication.


According to the standard of the World Skills Competition, the Hospitality Item (SichuanDivision) has four sections and six parts, including Personal Presentation, Reservation,Check-in & Check-out and Settling Complaints etc.

Onthe basis of the requirements of the organizer, Gingko College, as the hospitality management undergraduate institution and the Chengdu Hospitality Vocational Skills Competition Training Base, has drawn up the technical documents of Sichuan Division, including the competition itemsrefereeteam, proposition & performance evaluation criteria, field requirements,and match rules,etc, which have been approved by the organizer and actually implemented.



The organizers of ChongQing division and the coaches and players came all the wayto observe the whole competition.