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Yingxin College’ s 2019 Graduates’ Occupational Guidance Lecture


For 2019 graduates’ career guidance, to guide graduates to prepare for job interviews before the 2018 autumn double-election meeting, the careers guidance seminar organized by the Enrolment and Vocation Office was held in the 1121 Academic Report Hall, on September 19th. This lecture specially invited Gao Yiding as speaker, who comes from Chengdu Yuhui Human Resources Group Co., Ltd. And Yang Pengjiang, the director of the Enrolment and Vocation Office , presided over the lecture. All teachers the Enrolment and Vocation Office and 2019 graduates of all the departments participated in the lecture.

Mr Gao began the lecture with two alert problems---“solve twoproblems in a person's life, who are you and where are you going?” to inspire students to find their position and clear their goals in the approaching job search. The he put two further problems---what do you want to be and what can you do--- based on the current college graduates and market needs. Finally, hegave professional and comprehensive market analysis and employment suggestions about different types of occupations, pre-employment preparation, interview precautions, employment channels and precautions, employment instructions, how to avoid various job-seeking traps when applying, etc.

Though this lecture, graduates had a deep understanding onsituation of current employment and cleared their goals of employment. Meanwhile, graduates learned some experience and suggestions about employment,study and life, and also improved the employment skills.


The lecture presided by Yang Pengjiang, the director of the Enrolment and Vocation Office


Gao Yiding as speaker


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